Business & Technology Skills Development (BTSD)

Business & Technology Skills Development (BTSD) Training

  • Technology Awareness & Computing Skills;
  • Financial Planning, Banking & Financial Services;
  • Business & Entrepreneurial Skills;
  • Presentation and Interview Preparation;
  • Project Planning and Time Management;
  • Conflict Resolution.

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Business & Technology Skills Development (BTSD) Training
This programme was designed by CDC to introduce, train and prepare young adults for the workplace, targeting the necessary skills that would be valuable for the business environment and to some extent their personal life.  It would help them navigate the working world with more confidence and knowledge.  Participants will be introduced to various business equipment and instruments of every use in the business environment to develop business awareness, functional skills and self-confidence in interfacing and interacting with everyday business activities.

Participants will be taught valuable business operational skills that will benefit energy-saving, care and control, and other value-added productivity skills that will redound to the benefit of both the staff and the employer.  This programme will cover the following topics:

Technology Awareness & Computing Skills –  Students will be taught to operate and use a computer with competence and efficiency which would be to their advantages as well as their employer.  The basics of computer literary will be taught along with use of business applications (MS Word, Excel, etc.) along with introductory aspects of income-generating skills (Website Development, Internet Research and Marketing, Graphic Design, etc.).

Financial Planning, Banking & Financial Services – Participants will be provided critical information and requirements for interfacing with the banking, business and financial sectors, with basic understanding of financial planning for medium-term objectives and long-term security.

CDC encourages and teaches students the art of keeping track of one's income and its expenditure to decrease excessive unnecessary pending.Business & Entrepreneurial Skills – This section deals with Introduction into Financial Services Industry, Insurance, Pensions, Mortgages, Taxation, Accounting and Financial information.  Key focus will be on understanding smarter ways of securing one’s money and the basics of the banking system.

Presentation and Interview Preparation – In today’s competitive job market, the first response impression (telephone response & mannerism, social media data, submitted resume or application details, etc.) will progress or kill the opportunity for a job applicant to move to the all critical job or business interview.  Your resume, appearance and interview will also need to be appropriate and possibly innovative, unique or eye-catching!  These are the subject that would be covered in this programme.

Time is Money is a very popular quote but true nevertheless and CDC teaches how to value and manage both.Project Planning and Time Management – An introduction to Project Planning and Time Management Concept as it relates not only to work, projects and business management. It deals also with personal time management at home, school and even social activities so you can create as healthy balance possible in your life.

Conflict Resolution CDC teaches basic rules in conflict resolution – It is well known fact that if there is any conflict or problems at home it affects other aspects in your life, this programme takes a practical approach to Conflict Resolution and conflict management in the home, among peers and the work place, with focus on diffusing and resolving situations of conflict in the home, work and everyday life situations.

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